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Own The Conversation - Issue #42

Martyn Redstone
Martyn Redstone
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Conversations To Own
Articles and news that might interest you.
Google Suspends Engineer Who Claimed AI Bot Had Become Sentient
Google Sunsetting Conversational Actions
How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots? - BBC News
How to Tell If You’re Chatting with a Bot
Ordering Pizza With A.I. Sounds Like Hell
How doctors are using helpful but risky AI from Microsoft and Nuance
Elevating human-machine relationships with no-code, reusable AI
Why a Cognitive AI Engine Is the Next Step in Accessibility and Inclusion
The Role of AI in Conversational Commerce
It's a New Era of Customer Service after the Pandemic
Chatbots are getting smarter and more empathetic
Latest Jobs from Bot Jobs
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FEATURED JOB: Product Manager @ Emotech Ltd.
FEATURED JOB: Conversational AI designer @ Emotech Ltd.
FEATURED JOB: Conversation Designer @ Jio Haptik
The AI Summit London | The World's Largest AI Event For Business
COLLISION | TalkRobot – Celebrating the rise of the machines | June 20-23, 2022
CDI Festival: How to win at Conversational AI - Jun 28
Voice Tech Summit Americas - Las Vegas
Conversational User Interfaces
Closing notes
Well it’s been an interesting week of news for Google. 3 things hit my newsfeed this week - firstly that LamDA is sentient (it’s not) according to a priest, erm I mean engineer who was (allegedly) suspended from Google. Next up, Google announced it was sunsetting conversational actions. Then, this great piece landed in my ‘recruitment-hat’ inbox. So, if you want a job there, you’d better join a cult. And quick!
Oh, but they are creating something cool in Imagen.
So, this week is dedicated to Google!
I’m hoping that this newsletter keeps building and improving with every issue. Let me know your thoughts, feedback and ideas of what you want to see by DM on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or even TikTok (not that I have worked that one out yet!).
Have a great week ahead!
Martyn, Founder @
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Martyn Redstone
Martyn Redstone @mredstone

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